Creator of clipped terraces and cladding


the heart of our concept

A patented and intelligent system that is quick and easy to install
for the decking or cladding of your dreams!

100% Recycled & 100% recyclable

Grad is the number one system for invisible fixation. It is also the only system of this type that conforms to the DTU 51-4 norms by the FCBA.

100% of our production takes place at our factory in Alsace.
The isostatic conception of the clip permits the dilation and retraction of the wooden boards without damaging the wood or the clips. The clips’ resistance, tested by the FCBA, is 1.5 to 2.5 times stronger than required by the DTU 51-4 norms.
It’s just as easy to remove the boards as it is to attach them, thanks to our special removal keys. All it takes is sliding the keys between two boards and unsnapping the clips from the rails. The boards, clips and rails are still in perfect condition to be easily repositioned as needed.

Decking and cladding in a snap!

Grad® technology combined with quality materials for decking and cladding with 100% invisible fastening.
A unique and patented concept.

Straight & perfect alignment.
Optimal stability.
Structural guarantee.
Perfect finishes.

A versatile and
removable system

On any type of decking or cladding, Grad® keys allow the removal of one or several boards in order to access the supports. The clips, left on the board after removal, are removed by simply sliding them off to be fixed again at the original place on the rail.

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An ergonomic system that limits fatigue

Prepare the structure while standing at a workbench for the rails and blocks, then fix the boards

Lightweight system: 2m rail weighing 1-2kg means solo installation is possible

Installation time reduced by 50% compared to screwed decking!

Everything can be clipped: rail on studs, splitter on the rail, boards on clips on the rail, Top Link on clips, Top Cube on the rail, etc…

Boards are snapped on by stepping on them

No drilling, no screwing so your hands are protected

Partners who chose and trust the Grad® system